Agri and Food Processing

65% of the total geographical area under agriculture cultivation

Coffee, Gherkins, Silk, Green Chilli, Tamarind and Sunflower. Major    producer of Maize, Coarse Cereals, Sugarcane and Pulses in the    country

Agriculture & allied activities contributed 11.68% to GSDP in 2016-17

Leader in horticultural products and spices 

Leader in floriculture, accounting for 75% of India’s total flower            production 

One of the largest producers of Cashew nut in India 

Known for Byadgi Chilli. Oleoresin extracted from them is used in the    preparation of nail polish and lipstick  

Karnataka is the Coffee Capital of India producing 70% of India's output
Karnataka produces approximately 47% of India's silk
The state is the largest exporter Flowers in the country

Growth Drivers


in certified organic produce


Millet hub of India


Agri/Food based Bio-tech startups


In India in sale of Tetra-Fino UHT milk

Key Players

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