Innovation and Manufacturing Start-ups

State is 4th largest technology cluster globally and 2nd fastest     growing ecosystem in India

Karnataka has over 4,000 start-ups with a share of nearly 30% of all  start-ups in India

20+ Incubation and common instrumentation facilities like IBAB,     NASSCOM, BBC, GIFTS, etc.

Bengaluru is among the 20 best startup city ecosystems in the world
Karnataka is 4th largest technology cluster globally
50+ startups were given exposure to global marketing in 2016

Growth Drivers


State to announce multi-sector startup policy

300 crore (INR)

State Government financial support in the form of its various funds to startups


Number of sartups in Bengaluru

22 Crore (INR)

Average valuation of startups in the state

Key Players

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